The Birth of the…Collage

Collage is the Jazz – or even the Acid Jazz – of art: The place where themes are sampled* and resampled, where homage is paid to the greats that have gone before, always with the utmost respect., but always with the hope of transforming existing elements and combining them with ones of my own, into something fresh and now (yeah, I mean now).
*Sampling is my 20th century version of copying the great masters in order to understand their techniques. It can have some quirky results though as I can never be sure that what I am using gives an accurate representation of the original colours. I recently sampled some lovely bluey-greens I found in a magazine reproduction of a Juan Gris painting – my latest hearthrob – only to see the same picture in a Gris monograph with my greens turned to browns!
Purple Palette…


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