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A journey into the past and the future – Un viaje al pasado y el futuro

Mixed media artwork

Mixed media on paper . Técnica mixta sobre papel 45 x 55cm

This is probably my last piece of sustained artwork for 2008 and it his feels like an appropriate piece to end the year on. The title truly says it all as in this piece I have drawn on inspiration from ideas and sketches going as far back as 20 years but my techniques and approach are very much to do with how I hope to continue working in the year to come. (You can see close ups of the piece here.)

Casi seguro que ésta será mi última obra sostenida de 2008 y me parece super-apropriada para terminar el año. El título de verdad dice todo en este caso porque no solo me inspirado en ideas y bocetos de los cuales algunos son de hace 20 años pero además mi manera de trabajar y la mezcla de técnicas que he empleado representa el punto de partida para mi obra el año que viene. (Puedes ver algunos detalles de la obra aquí)


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At last, for those of you who can’t physically get to the exhibition, all seven of the Handless Maiden paintings together. (You can also visit the Picasa album here.)

Por fin, para vosotros que no podéis visitar la expo en vivo, aquí tienes juntos los siete cuadros de la serie de La Doncella Manca. (También puedes verlos en Picasa aquí)

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Visión del Futuro

Visión del futuro

Visión del futuro

Well, its been a very long haul but I’ve finally finished the Handless Maiden series 🙂 Its been an incredible journey and I’ve learnt an vast amount both about myself and about painting. I know there is a huge amount I still have to learn but that’s the fun of it all and I feel happy and very optimistic about where the journey goes from here! Can’t wait to begin, but perhaps just a teensy rest first?

Bueno, ha sido un largo recorrido pero por fin, he terminado la serie de la Doncella Manca 🙂 Ha sido un viaje increible y he aprendido un montón tanto sobre mi mismo como sobre el acto de pintar. Sé que todavía me queda mucho para aprender ¡pero eso es lo bueno! Me siento contenta y optimísta contemplando a donde voy a partir de ahora. Casi no puedo esperar para empezar pero ¿quizás primero una siestacita?

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We all have a child inside – Todos tenemos un niño dentro

Well she is finished at last. A day off tomorrow and then on with number 7!

Bueno, por fin está terminado. Mañana descanso y luego ¡sigo con numero siete!

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La Revolución Inacabada / The Unfinished Revolution

Handless Maiden/Doncella Manca Revolución Inacabada

Handless Maiden/Doncella Manca Revolución Inacabada

The title doesn’t refer to the state of the painting – which is, at last,complete – but the stage in the maiden’s development in the story!

El titulo no se refiere al estado del cuadro – lo cual está terminado por fin – ¡pero a la etapa del desarollo en que se encuentra ahora La Doncella en el relato!

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Touching the Sky – Tocando el Cielo

Finished these two a week ago but didn’t have time to take the photos before I went away.

Terminé con estos dos hace una semana pero no tenía tiempo para hacer las fotos antes de irme de viaje.

handless maiden/doncella manca 3

Sumérgete (Submerge Yourself): handless maiden/doncella manca 3

handless maiden/doncella manca 4

Tocando el Cielo (Touching the Sky): handless maiden/doncella manca 4

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El desmembramiento finished: Curar antes de nacer

Just got back from a week away to find my finished painting waiting for me! I only put the final touches the night before I left so I hadn’t had any time to really contemplate it in its finished state. Its not – can never be – perfect but it brought a satisfied smile to my face when I saw it after a week’s absence so I’ll varnish it later.  I’ve titled it Curar Antes De Nacer (Heal before being born) and I finally decided to call the first one La Semilla Del Diablo. second handless maiden/doncella manca painting completed

I did some brainstorming on the next stage while I was away and am planning to work on sections three and four simultaneously as they are very much two halves of a whole. Watch this space to find out more!

(CLICK on the image to see a larger version)

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