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Ways of Being in the Studio

On my work table at the moment is my first altered book which I call “Ways of Being”. Its based on a list of phrases and ideas that I’ve collected because they help put me in the right mindset for creating. The list was getting longer and longer and I didn’t really know what to do with it. Somewhow storing it in a text document just didn’t cut the mustard. Then I was inspired by my sculptor friend Robyn who was doing an altered book using quotations. I’ve been hankering after doing an altered book for a while but I was wary of beginning a new project as I tend to put myself in an overload situation quite easily. Finding the perfect book to use tipped the balance. It is a book on jewellery making that my better half bought me when he was back in the UK one time. That was in the days before RSI curtailed my jewellery-making career and I began to make art instead. What could be more fitting than to transform a book that was no longer useful into something inspiring for my current path? Plus the book is well-made with a sturdy hardback cover…and some interesting photos that in places I plan to leave revealed…

Check out my first few pages in my Picassa Album

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El Engaño (The Swindle)

El Engaño

El Engaño 17 x 19.5cm
pastel and collage on paper

Sadly sometimes people turn out to be something quite other than what they appear to be.

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Más Desafíos

Más Desaf�os

Más Desafíos 17 x 19.5cm

Collage a day: pastel and collage on paper

The IChing told me recently to expect to go through a period when nothing I had ever done previously would prepare me for the experience of what was to come. As always, it was correct: Life has certainly been challenging lately…

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Go West

Go West

Go West 15cm x 20cm
1/2 hr Journal collage: Collage on paper

I’ve been sadly neglecting my art-making of late due to feeling swamped by house selling and buying duties. I did make this collage while I was waiting for a prospective buyer to come and look at the Melion. Read the rest of this entry »

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