Art Review Sheet

art review

Complete the following:
1. “The exciting part of this piece/exercise/project for me was …”
2. “What I like about this piece is….”
3. “The surprising discovery I made in this piece/project/exercise was…..”
4. “I have found that I might be interested in….”
5. “I would like to push these ideas further by…”
6. “What makes me proud about my achievements in this piece/project/exercise is…”

Also consider:

1. What motivated me to follow this direction was…
2. It felt somehow easier/harder than other ways of working I’ve tried because…
3. The patterns and relationships I can see between the pieces in the series/this and other work I’ve done are…
4. The influences I can see from other artists/creative people/other media in this work are…
5. If this piece/idea hasn’t worked in the way I hoped, is there a way in which could recycle it or use it in some other way to make a new work?


1. What am I noticing?
2. What can I let go of?

These last two questions – which I added even more recently – can be used at the beginning or the end of the session or on there own for a quick brainstorm.


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  1. […] way into’ the work, I sit down in front of my partially-finished piece(s) with my ‘positive questioning’ sheet. Working through the questions, I reconnect with where I was up to and I am usually able to […]

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