A journey into the past and the future – Un viaje al pasado y el futuro

Mixed media artwork

Mixed media on paper . Técnica mixta sobre papel 45 x 55cm

This is probably my last piece of sustained artwork for 2008 and it his feels like an appropriate piece to end the year on. The title truly says it all as in this piece I have drawn on inspiration from ideas and sketches going as far back as 20 years but my techniques and approach are very much to do with how I hope to continue working in the year to come. (You can see close ups of the piece here.)

Casi seguro que ésta será mi última obra sostenida de 2008 y me parece super-apropriada para terminar el año. El título de verdad dice todo en este caso porque no solo me inspirado en ideas y bocetos de los cuales algunos son de hace 20 años pero además mi manera de trabajar y la mezcla de técnicas que he empleado representa el punto de partida para mi obra el año que viene. (Puedes ver algunos detalles de la obra aquí)



  1. Robyn said

    Cherry you have really come into your own. I’m so impressed and proud to have witnessed part of your journey. This piece looks futuristic and as you say appropriate for your next phase in the new year.

    • And I’m proud and very content to to have had you share my journey, Robyn!

  2. Rodaimos said

    ¡Me parece fantástico! Me recuerda a esos dibujos que se hacen con perspectiva imposible, pero en este caso es mucho más flexible. Lo dicho, me encanta.

  3. WildCherry said

    Gracias Rodaimos…a mi también me recuerda un poco de un dibujo de Escher o parecido pero ¡yo será incapaz de hacer algo tan laborioso!

  4. DJ said

    WildC, The color and composition of this piece evoke a peacefulness that reassures the viewer of the positivity of the journey. There is a sense of anticipation in arriving in a familiar place we’ve been before, yet haven’t been aware of its existence up to that time.
    Well done, my friend.

  5. heidi said

    This is gorgeous in so many ways. The colours, composition, and the symbolism of all the portals. A little bit of vertigo, too! Thanks for the close-ups – I feel inspired by this piece.

  6. WildCherry said

    Thanks Heidi 🙂 Sorry for not replying sooner. Shoulder problems 😦 Maybe too many portals? I’m suddenly wondering which way to go!

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