We all have a child inside – Todos tenemos un niño dentro

Well she is finished at last. A day off tomorrow and then on with number 7!

Bueno, por fin está terminado. Mañana descanso y luego ¡sigo con numero siete!


  1. Lin said


    She’s beautiful, proceeding from the opened hands- breathtaking in all her aspects! Be proud my friend!


  2. WildCherry said

    She is my favourite so far, Lin but I do tend to feel that after each one…but this one feels the closest I’ve got to…whatever that elusive something is that artists seek!

    Interesting you picked out the hands, my bf said they remind him of angels wings…

  3. Robyn said

    Great progress! I also thought of angels wings though they’re so clearly hands.

  4. Maybe she is my lucky angel 😉

  5. Shayla said

    A beautiful piece!! Great composition. I get the chills from the brunette woman. Especially love the apple blossoms the birds and, the color scheme.

  6. Thanks Shayla I had fun with this one. The brunette is only meant to be fierce in her protection of the child! My bf and I were joking that she looks like Amy Winehouse! Obviously I’m going to have to work on my portraiture 😉

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