La Revolución Inacabada / The Unfinished Revolution

Handless Maiden/Doncella Manca Revolución Inacabada

Handless Maiden/Doncella Manca Revolución Inacabada

The title doesn’t refer to the state of the painting – which is, at last,complete – but the stage in the maiden’s development in the story!

El titulo no se refiere al estado del cuadro – lo cual está terminado por fin – ¡pero a la etapa del desarollo en que se encuentra ahora La Doncella en el relato!



  1. Wild Cherry, The painting is fabulous. Wonderful to see it.
    lots of love from susan

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by, Susan. I’m so glad you like it! Just trying to get my head round what to put in the last two now…

  3. Robyn said

    Good Lord, Cherry…You are an artist!!!

  4. Surely not Robyn? 😉

  5. Shayla said

    This is powerful, magical.
    I love fairy tales, but had never heard this one until looking it up today. I’m curious as to what the handlessness means to you. Have you already written about it?

  6. Yes, I love these tales too, Shayla. Have you worked with any stories yourself?

    I have written about the meaning the Handless Maiden has for me but perhaps not in the most organised of ways…here on the blog, in the WWRWTW group on CCS and also in the Dream group there (as I have had several dreams about it as I’ve been doing it). I’m just putting together some info about the symbolism and meaning of each of the paintings in the series for the exhibition I have coming up so I will post that up accompanied by the images when the series is complete.

  7. Lin said

    Another great work, this one even more mysterious, a foray into dreamtime by the appearance of things! Super! You are an excellent dream interpreter… So happy to hear you are prepping for an exhibition, good for you!!! It will be awesome. Love the vid showing your process on the piece.

  8. I’ve been into interpreting dreams for a long time, Lin, and I’m happy that you see that as becoming part of my creative expression although sometimes the paintings themselves provoke dreams so its a never-ending process…

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