Almost finished – Casi terminados

Handless Maiden / Doncella Manca 4 - stage 5

Handless Maiden / Doncella Manca 4 - stage 5

Handless Maiden 3 & 4 are almost done. How weird that one day it seems like I’ve still got so much to do and then the next, I can suddenly see the end. 4 is more advanced than 3 so I’m going to concentrate all my energy into finishing that one first and, hopefully, seeing it done will give me renewed energy to finish the other one.

Los cuadros de la Doncella Manca 3 y 4 son casi listos ya. ¡Qué raro como un dia parece que todavía tengo un monton de hacer sobre ellos y el siguiente veo el final claramente! El 4 es más avanzado del 3 y voy a hacer un gran esfuerzo para terminar esto primero y  a ver si una vez cumplido esa meta, tengo energia renovada para terminar el otro.

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  1. heidi said

    Nice colours – very calm after the fierce red, black, and white of the first two. The light area in the centre of this one appears to be pearshaped, was that intentional? Since the pears in the garden are significant in this part of the story, it jumped right out at me.

  2. You got it Heidi, that and the tree bit at the side is my concession to the pear orchard. Apart from that, I’ve moved a long way from the story line but that’s just the way it took me…

  3. Robyn said

    This could be my favourite! It really speaks to me, Cherry.

  4. Thanks, Robyn. Definitely my favourite so far. Probably why its getting finished before 3! I’ve enjoyed myself with this one tremendously 🙂

  5. It’s coming along very well. Seems to me you’re limiting your palette to bring a better composition.

  6. Not just the palette, but far less elements than I normally use…Am beginning to see that previously I wanted to put in every idea I had but this time I rejected a lot of stuff, kept asking myself, “What can I let go of?”

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