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Touching the Sky – Tocando el Cielo

Finished these two a week ago but didn’t have time to take the photos before I went away.

Terminé con estos dos hace una semana pero no tenía tiempo para hacer las fotos antes de irme de viaje.

handless maiden/doncella manca 3

Sumérgete (Submerge Yourself): handless maiden/doncella manca 3

handless maiden/doncella manca 4

Tocando el Cielo (Touching the Sky): handless maiden/doncella manca 4


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Almost finished – Casi terminados

Handless Maiden / Doncella Manca 4 - stage 5

Handless Maiden / Doncella Manca 4 - stage 5

Handless Maiden 3 & 4 are almost done. How weird that one day it seems like I’ve still got so much to do and then the next, I can suddenly see the end. 4 is more advanced than 3 so I’m going to concentrate all my energy into finishing that one first and, hopefully, seeing it done will give me renewed energy to finish the other one.

Los cuadros de la Doncella Manca 3 y 4 son casi listos ya. ¡Qué raro como un dia parece que todavía tengo un monton de hacer sobre ellos y el siguiente veo el final claramente! El 4 es más avanzado del 3 y voy a hacer un gran esfuerzo para terminar esto primero y  a ver si una vez cumplido esa meta, tengo energia renovada para terminar el otro.

(Si eres hispanohablante y te gustaría ayudarme traducir mi blog a español, por favor, déjame un mensaje -) )

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In the Process – Metido dentro del Proceso

Handless Maiden 4 stage 4

Handless Maiden 4 stage 4

One of the interpretations of the Handless Maiden story is that it is about finding or reconnecting with the creative process and this is one of the reasons the story appealed to me so much. What I hadn’t counted on was how much the process of interpreting the story was going to affect both my work and my way of working. As I work through the series I can see uncanny parallels between what is happening in the story and what is happening to my painting. Read the rest of this entry »


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