Finding the thread – Encontrando el hilo

watercolour 13.5 cm x 8.5 cm

Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working .

La inspiración existe, pero tiene que encontrarte trabajando.

Pablo Picasso

Last week was full of worldly concerns that left me virtually no time for art-making. I snatched a few moments to do this little watercolour one evening and mixed up some colours for my collages but that was about it. Now, the week stretches before me with plenty of painting time but a lot to get done, as I really need to finish both these collages by the end of the week.

And yet it is difficult to pick up the threads once again and to combat the fatigue that I am still left with after such a strenuous week. The best way for me, I have learned, is to begin slowly: Writing my blog, helps to put me back into right-brain mode; Then, if I still feel I have ‘no way into’ the work, I sit down in front of my partially-finished piece(s) with my ‘positive questioning’ sheet. Working through the questions, I reconnect with where I was up to and I am usually able to identify what will be the first tiny act that will begin the process of painting again.

La semana pasada estaba llena de preocupaciones mundanas que me dejaron casi sin un minuto para hacer arte. Arrebaté unos momentos durante una tarde para pintar esta acuarela y mezclar algunos colores para mis collages pero poco más. Ahora tengo una semana entera delante con mucho tiempo para pintar pero mucho por hacer porque tengo que terminar estos dos collages antes de la semana que viene.

Aun así, es difícil de encontrar los hilos otra vez y de combatir la fatiga que me ha entrado después de una semana tan agotadora. La mejor manera para mi, he descubierto, es de empezar tranquilamente: Escribir mi blog, me ayuda a entrar en el modo del hemisferio derecho; Luego, si todavía me queda sin manera de adentrarme en mi obra, me siento delante de mi(s) obra(s) medio-terminado(s) con mi hoja de ‘preguntas positivas’. Elaborando respuestas a las preguntas, me ayuda a volver al punto donde lo dejé y normalmente puedo identificar el primer acto pequeño que me arrancaría otra vez.

(Si eres hispanohablante y te gustaría ayudarme traducir mi blog a español, por favor, déjame un mensaje:-) )


  1. Robyn said

    The Picasso quote is so true! One just has to begin slowly, one tiny step at a time. I must remember to use the “positive questioning’ sheet. Every time you mention it I think… Oh yes, such a good idea.

    Hope you unwind quickly from your strenuous week. Once you start creating it will be better.

  2. I like the quote so much, it gives me visions of Inspiration as a visitor popping by my house and my partner answering the door and saying, “She’s upstairs in her studio, just go right on up”!

    I’m finding it difficult to unwind and concentrate still…I realise that I have to go very far into myself to get to the ‘deep place’ from where I do my work…but I am beginning to get glimpses of ‘that place’…I’ll try and go there for a while right now!

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