Moving Away

I realise that with each piece I am moving further away from literally interpreting the Handless Maiden story. Accepting this, it seems easier to follow my chosen path and I am able to worry less about the absence of certain characters or scenic elements in the pieces.

Handless Maiden/Doncella Manca 3 stage 3 Handless Maiden/Doncella Manca 4 stage 2

Handless Maiden/Doncella Manca 3 stage 4 In these last two I’m becoming much freer with the paint and beginning to work much more in the way, I had originally envisaged – putting on paint and collage in succession rather than feeling that I must have all the collage in place very early on.

Working on the two pieces at once is helping my productivity because when I reach a pause moment with one, I am usually ready to begin the next stage on the other.

Me doy cuenta que con cada obra en la serie estoy alejándome más de una interpretación realistica del relato de la Doncella Manca. Esto asumido, es más fácil seguir el camino que he elegido y me preocupo menos sobre la falta de ciertos personajes o elementos escenicos en los cuadros.

En los últimos dos cuadros, me siento más suelta con la pintura y estoy empezando trabajar en la manera que al principio me envisioné – echando pintura y collage el uno, seguido por el otro sin la necesidad de tener todo el collage en su sitio muy temprano.

Trabajando en los dos cuadros a la vez está ayudándome mucho trabajar más rápido porque cuando llego a una pausa con uno, normalmente estoy lista de empezar la próxima etapa con el otro.


  1. Robyn said

    Oh wow Cherry! These are amazing. You are definitely in the flow and the fact that you are not keeping to your original plan is of no consequence. The Handless Maiden is your spring board and you are making such strides forward.

    I love the maiden climbing the tree and finding her wings. My interpretation of the man in the corner is that he is setting her free. The swan in flight symbolising freedom…..
    I’m probably way off track but this piece is already speaking to me. The other one is just as powerful. I love the depth of the water and the maiden diving down with hair streaming. Very exciting work. I can’t wait to see more.

    Anahata Katkin refers to the ping pong method of going back and forth between a few projects. It’s obviously working very well for you.

  2. You are spot on with your interpretation, Robyn…At first I thought the skeleton man was going to be clutching hold of her but as I worked I realised that, as you say, he is releasing her…almost throwing her up in the air as we do with a healed bird we’ve been taking care of…Thanks for stopping by:-)

  3. Barbara Ann said

    I love the yin yang symbolism, the concept of diving below the surface and dancing/climbing above it … and reaching out 🙂

  4. I had the reaching out image sitting in my Maiden file, Barb but I hadn’t ever thought about what I was going to do with it. When I began to work on this chapter and found myself attracted to watery images, the diving figure sort of leapt out and paired herself up with the other one. I’ve discovered that birds and fish are becoming a recurrent symbolism in my work as in The False Truth and In Wonderland

  5. Kenneth Girard Hunter Jr. said

    I guess you don’t post that often? I’ve been looking forward to some of your work.

  6. WildCherry said

    Am juggling various ways to keep food in my mouth at the same time as paint, blog etc. Will be having a serious painting week next week and hope to get both of these finished! Thanks for stopping by, Kenneth:-) What are you up to? And where?!

  7. Kenneth Girard Hunter Jr. said

    I am just trying to keep all of my work well connected which can be hard to do sometimes. I have to make sure they all compliment each other. Know what I mean? Where? I live in Greensboro, NC currently an art major but its funny how I haven’t learned anything there? sighhhhhh. I draw all day every day so I’m never bored.

  8. If you mean, by “well-connected”, that your work stays within a certain style or structure, my personal opinion is that this is something that comes in its own time and forcing it only leads to stagnation. It comes when we find a thread we are anxious to follow and then there is no ‘trying’ at all!

    I don’t feel I learnt much at art school either or at least, what I did learn, wasn’t what I’d hoped for! But each artist’s learning path is there, just sometimes it takes some finding! If you draw all day, you must certainly be on the right track even if it doesn’t always feel like it;-)

  9. Lin said


    Polar opposites, flying and diving, both exploring the psyche! The imagery is striking. I’m so glad you are setting yourself free to follow your intuitive bliss rather than be tied to a literal interpretation of the story. The results speak for themselves. Bravo!

  10. Thanks Lin, I’m definitely following the path of the Maiden! I’ll be talking about this more on the next post.

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