A pair of pears

Handless Maiden painting 3 stage 1-2 Handless Maiden painting 4 stage 1-2

Yesterday I painted both of the backgrounds for the next two paintings in the Handless Maiden series. I worked on them both at once – a very intense two and a half hours of unbroken and very energetic work – and came out of the studio dropping with fatigue!

Its obvious that I’m never going to be one of those artists that works in an ordered and disciplined way for a set amount of hours every day. I’ve just got to accept that its my way to do nothing for a fornight and then work like crazy for the next two weeks!

Still, I enjoyed myself so much slapping the paint on with the spatula that I’m going to plan to produce some paintings this way later in the year when these collages are finished.

Ayer pinté los fondos de los dos cuadros a la vez. Trabajé 2 horas y media muy intensamente y sin parar y ¡salí del estudio muerta de cansancio! Ya veo que nunca voy a poder trabajar en una manera ordenada y disciplinada cada día. Tengo que aceptar que lo mío es lo de no hacer nada durante dos semanas y trabajar como loca para las otras dos…

De todas formas, me divertí tanto trabajando en esta manera, aplicando la pintura con una espátula que estoy pensando en hacer una serie de cuadros con esa técnica más tarde en el año cuando termino este serie de collages.


  1. Robyn said

    I’ve been waiting for you to mention the next collage in the series! You know more than anyone what pace is best for you so if doing “nothing” for a fortnight works then that is the way it should be. I have discovered that I am the same actually. For about 10 days I mull over things, browse through books and start a few sketches of ideas. By the time I start working on the carving I have already plotted the way I want it to be…but I often change as I go along.

    Looking forward to seeing how these two pan out.

  2. WildCherry said

    Interesting to hear about your cycle, Robyn. It would be curious to see a biorythm chart of different creative people!

    Ok, I exaggerated a bit on the doing nothing for a fortnight;-) I have been mulling and plotting since even the time I was in the UK but it took a long time to arrive at this point and then suddenly, I did so much in such a short time! It feels like a kettle that slowly boils and suddenly it whistles and you know its time for tea;-)

    I rejected a lot of stuff along the way so hopefully these ideas will come out crisp!

  3. Robyn said

    I love that! “It feels like a kettle that slowly boils and suddenly it whistles and you know its time for tea.” Excellent!

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