first draft idea handless maiden/doncella manca 3-4I’m beginning to recognize the phases of my creative process like landmarks on a familiar walk. This is really helpful as although, at times, I might be going through a dark tunnel or across a bit of waste-ground, at least I know that I’ve been here before and I always manage to get across safely.

Right now I am in my pacing phase. I might have taken on a rather wolf-like appearance as I circle around looking for clues to how to move on with this piece of work. I haven’t got a clear enoughdetail first idea handless maiden/doncella manca 3-4 idea of where I want to go so its very difficult to decide which direction to go in. I start off up a new alley only to turn back a little while later and pace around a more familiar neighbourhood again for a while.

It might look like I’ve got quite a clear idea here but I can see that its plainly not going to work as a diptych. What I need is a way to really split the concept into two. Its got to hinge around the question the magician asks of the maiden: ‘Are you of this world or not of this world?’ To which she replies, ‘I am both of this world and not of this world.’ One of the pair of paintings must represent the world of humans and one the world of the spirits.

I am beginning to lean towards the idea of a panel above and a panel below instead of side by side but I’m not sure. I’m still pacing…


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