El desmembramiento finished: Curar antes de nacer

Just got back from a week away to find my finished painting waiting for me! I only put the final touches the night before I left so I hadn’t had any time to really contemplate it in its finished state. Its not – can never be – perfect but it brought a satisfied smile to my face when I saw it after a week’s absence so I’ll varnish it later.  I’ve titled it Curar Antes De Nacer (Heal before being born) and I finally decided to call the first one La Semilla Del Diablo. second handless maiden/doncella manca painting completed

I did some brainstorming on the next stage while I was away and am planning to work on sections three and four simultaneously as they are very much two halves of a whole. Watch this space to find out more!

(CLICK on the image to see a larger version)



  1. Camille said

    “Heal Before Being Born” is absolutely wonderful! Great title too, Cherry!
    Love Dabs

  2. Barbara Ann said

    After seeing the first one, this one came as quite a surprise to me, Wild Cherry. The expressions so emotionally dramatic and filled with fiery passion! It’s such a pleasure to see this series being brought into being … knowing you have put a lot of time in thinking and reflecting on the themes of The Handless Maiden story. I can hardly wait to see what you have in mind for the next two! I’m very proud of you. Thanks for sharing your process, it’s so inspiring to me.


  3. Love the painting Wild Cherry. Looking forward to more.
    lots of love from susan in australia

  4. Thanks everyone for your support and kindness 🙂

    Barb, I think that the series is reflecting the development of my relationship with the painting experience at the same time as the development of the story so the first one – like the maiden herself – was rather unsure and reserved whereas by the second one, the shock of having one’s hands cut off has hit home and neither I nor the maiden are the innocents we used to be!

  5. […] of time before I chose a another orb to accompany it as I have already used this juxtaposition in part 2 and also in another collage El Sentido de Los Sueños…I was very attracted to Frida’s […]

  6. papa said

    papa says : I absolutely agree with this !

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