El desmembramiento 5

Here is the latest incarnation of my second Handless Maiden painting. Its now really beginning to take on the ‘fairy tale’ look I want and I’m beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel but there’s bound to be a few surprises in store yet!

Its really amazing when I look back over the last few photos I’ve taken and see the process of getting to where I am now. Check them out below:

handless maiden2 st5b

handless maiden2 st5c

handless maiden2 st5d



  1. Camille said

    Wow, Cherry! It is looking absolutely brighter and more powerful to me!

    Are you working in layers Are you painting in details on the collage?? It is amazing to see the process! I do see the light and it is really working for this piece!

    What do you feel needs to be done with it yet? Do you feel something is missing, or that it is not “perfect”? I love it the way it is! Love Camille

  2. Thanks so much for your encouragement, Camille!

    I worked in layers at the beginning but then reached a point when I felt I needed to have all the elements present so then stuck everything remaining down.

    Yes, I am painting over the collage…I paint until the piece feels like a coherent whole to me instead of a sum of parts so that means, for example, that the light source is consistent – in this case it mainly comes from the light of the moon – and I wanted all the hands around the main figure to have the same skin tone – some began as black and white…basically I want each element to become my own rather than a reproduction of something else.

    Once I have achieved this, I work very broadly on the whole, sending some things back in tone and letting other things come forward. At the moment it all feels too confusing, I want the main character to stand out more and the darker figures behind to recede…

    I’m not looking for perfection, only a sense of completion within myself.

    Wow, what an essay you provoked! Clever Camille!

  3. Camille said

    Wild Cherry, what you describe above, takes so much skill (which you have) and it is quite a difficult thing to accomplish! Your process is one that I have never seen before…very very interesting!!!

    Step away for awhile when you feel frustrated…sometimes looking at the painting through a mirror, or upside down, or in different lighting could bring on an ah-hah moment.

    Don’t stop…just allow yourself to wait and listen. Moodle with other art projects while waiting…that could also bring you an answer to your frustration!

    Many Blessings from Camille

  4. Its almost done, Camille. Tomorrow it will be finished. All of a sudden I hit that turning point. Phew!

    My process is just the way I found to deal with a blank canvas – cover it with something – and use board not canvas, ha!

  5. Robyn said

    Love it! It is filled with mystery and passion. I like your process and the way you deal with a blank canvas.

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