El desmembramiento / The dismemberment: 2

coloured ground for The Dismemberment
When I re-read part 2 of the Handless Maiden and Clarissa’s interpretation, I found that what I most fixed on was the association between the silver-tipped axe and the moon and the use of a small version of this axe to sever the umbilical cord of babies. This has led me down the road of thinking that this part is actually the gestation period before the birth of the new Maiden. In order for a birth to take place there has to be blood, pain and severence…

Since I had already set aside a collage element of a moon with a cord attatched to it, it was a short leap, given my red theme for this piece, to associate a picture of a baby inside a womb…As you can see I have laid down the texture and coloured ground with this theme in mind…



  1. heidi said

    The evolution of this second piece is going to be very exciting, Cherry! It looks intense already.

  2. Yes, I’m excited to see how it goes myself, Heidi!

  3. Detta said

    It’s strong, warm and safe as well as beautiful! x d

  4. Thanks, Detta! Let’s see how it progresses!

  5. Camille said

    Wild Cherry, extremely interesting coming together of your moon cord with this red womb image! The evolution of this piece will no doubt be exciting!
    Keep going…your intuition and intelligence are serving you well, dear Two-Handed Wild Woman!

  6. Yes, I see both the moon and the womb! Colors of blood and fire, both hot, hot, hot.

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