El desmembramiento / The dismemberment: 1

layout of The DismembermentI have started on the second in the handless maiden series and I am totally enthused with the way its coming together! So far I have collated and scanned my collage elements and done a basic layout of them in a dtp program. Tomorrow I will put some texture on the board and then it will be time for some initial ground colour. After that I will start printing out the pieces at approximately the right size. This part takes the longest as invariably after I’ve printed something, I decide I want it larger or smaller or mirrored or whatever but that’s the process…

In Women Who Run With The Wolves, the author, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, describes the first stage as nigredo – the black or dark dissolving stage, the second as rubedo – the red or sacrificial stage and the third as albedo – the white or resurgent stage. I used purple rather than black as my dark but as the painting went on, more and more red worked its way into it so perhaps that leads well into this second piece that has red as its theme colour. Who knows what other colours will find their way into it as I go along?

I often base my titles around snippets of text I have saved amongst the collage elements especially as these days I tend to use less text in the actual pieces. Having said that, stage two has two phrases in it at the moment but whether they will stay there, its too soon to know. Probably this piece will be called, ‘Curar antes de nacer’ as I don’t really want to just name the paintings after the titles of the stages in the book. I haven’t decided on a title for the first one yet.


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