El Trato a Ciegas / Bargain without knowing FINISHED!

doncella manca finished
The first of the series is finished at last. Just a week overdue…


And now on to the next!



  1. Robyn said

    Wow Cherry, its in the bag!!! It is truly amazing! It looks like you have virtually repainted the whole thing using the collage as merely a springboard. You must be over the moon.

  2. Good God, Cherry, it’s fabulous! Totallt transformed from what you showed before, like Robyn said, repainted completely. Absolutely stunning; mystical quality to it. Be proud, very proud!

  3. Barbara Ann said

    Kudos Kudos and more Kudos, woman! The expressions and body language are priceless and the atmosphere and symbolism … perfect! I’d so love to see this in the flesh ūüôā Curiously awaiting the next one, and wishing you truly realized what a great job you have done with this one, Cherry! I’m very proud of you, too!

  4. WildCherry said

    What would I do without you guys? Hugs, Wild Cxx

  5. heidi said

    I aggree with what the others have said. It is really your own unique painting. Well done! I am excited to see the next installments of this series.

  6. […] May 21, 2008 at 5:47 pm · Filed under Handless Maiden/Doncella Manca, Signed, sealed and delivered, The way I do the things I do ·Tagged acrylic-painting, acrylics, Clarissa Pinkola Est√©s, collage, Doncella Manca, Handless Maiden, mixed-media, painting, Women Who Run With The Wolves Just got back from a week away to find my finished painting waiting for me! I only put the final touches the night before I left so I hadn’t had any time to really contemplate it in its finished state. Its not – can never be – perfect but it brought a satisfied smile to my face when I saw it after a week’s absence so I’ll varnish it later.¬† I’ve titled it Curar Antes De Nacer (Heal before being born) and I finally decided to call the first one La Semilla Del Diablo. […]

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