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Ways of Being in the Studio

On my work table at the moment is my first altered book which I call “Ways of Being”. Its based on a list of phrases and ideas that I’ve collected because they help put me in the right mindset for creating. The list was getting longer and longer and I didn’t really know what to do with it. Somewhow storing it in a text document just didn’t cut the mustard. Then I was inspired by my sculptor friend Robyn who was doing an altered book using quotations. I’ve been hankering after doing an altered book for a while but I was wary of beginning a new project as I tend to put myself in an overload situation quite easily. Finding the perfect book to use tipped the balance. It is a book on jewellery making that my better half bought me when he was back in the UK one time. That was in the days before RSI curtailed my jewellery-making career and I began to make art instead. What could be more fitting than to transform a book that was no longer useful into something inspiring for my current path? Plus the book is well-made with a sturdy hardback cover…and some interesting photos that in places I plan to leave revealed…

Check out my first few pages in my Picassa Album


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El desmembramiento / The dismemberment: 4

Here’s where I’ve been over the last week with the Handless Maiden / Doncella Manca…

I love the way images seem to find their way to me when I most need them…

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El desmembramiento / The dismemberment: 3

As you can see from the photo, I’m trying a different approach to my usual one on this piece: Instead of sticking down all my collage elements on the background I’ve created and then painting over them, I am trying to paint more as I go along… Read the rest of this entry »

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El desmembramiento / The dismemberment: 2

coloured ground for The Dismemberment
When I re-read part 2 of the Handless Maiden and Clarissa’s interpretation, I found that what I most fixed on was the association between the silver-tipped axe and the moon and the use of a small version of this axe to sever the umbilical cord of babies. This has led me down the road of thinking that this part is actually the gestation period before the birth of the new Maiden. In order for a birth to take place there has to be blood, pain and severence…

Since I had already set aside a collage element of a moon with a cord attatched to it, it was a short leap, given my red theme for this piece, to associate a picture of a baby inside a womb…As you can see I have laid down the texture and coloured ground with this theme in mind…

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El desmembramiento / The dismemberment: 1

layout of The DismembermentI have started on the second in the handless maiden series and I am totally enthused with the way its coming together! So far I have collated and scanned my collage elements and done a basic layout of them in a dtp program. Tomorrow I will put some texture on the board and then it will be time for some initial ground colour. After that I will start printing out the pieces at approximately the right size. Read the rest of this entry »

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El Trato a Ciegas / Bargain without knowing FINISHED!

doncella manca finished
The first of the series is finished at last. Just a week overdue…


And now on to the next!

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