El trato a ciegas/The bargain without knowing: 3

DM1 st4
I hadn’t realised how much I’d done since I last posted so I thought I’d better take a photo quickly. The camera is playing up so its lucky I managed to photograph anything at all.

As you can see I have printed out, trimmed and stuck down most of the collage elements. There are a few I have decided to incorporate as I go along as I have decided to change their position from my original layout. I’ve started painting around and into the collage elements to merge them into the background but obviously there is a long way to go.

Shortly after I took this photo, the red hands turned into lapping flames and I painted out the faces of the characters as I want to paint my own ‘style’ of faces. I won’t start work on the faces just yet though as I am trying very hard to do what I never normally manage – to concentrate on broad areas of tone and colour rather than getting caught up with details. Still, working with a limited colour palette is really helping me not to get into my usual funk over colour mixing.



  1. Robyn said

    Oh I like the look of this Cherry! The red hands step up the drama in the scene. I’m really looking forward to seeing your style of faces.

  2. Lin said

    Gosh you have been busy since I was here last! Really taking shape and blooming before my eyes. I also am curious about those new faces.

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