El Trato a Ciegas / The Bargain Without Knowing:1

DM1 Texture

My handless maiden project is at last under way. I have used my new technique of squeezing PVA from a plastic bottle onto the board as texture – shown right.

El debút du film
Then, inspired by Miquel Barceló’s Le debút du film (shown left) I have painted the board with a wash of purple-black: lighter in the middle where the maiden is giving off her innocent light and redder at the left where the devil is entering from. I’ll apply darker tones as I start to add in the collage.

DM1 Ground
I now have most of the collage elements I think I am going to use printed out at the right sizes but inevitably I will add more – and probably take some away – as I go along.

I have already rejected some from my original Collage elements DM1collection, asking myself the question ‘What can I get rid of?’ at this early stage in order not to make the piece too complicated.



  1. I love that you are sharing your process and inner workings with us in this way. It will give us an intimacy with the series that one rarely gets to enjoy. Thank you WildCherry.

  2. Sharing makes the process more enjoyable for me too, Lin:-)

  3. malinda said

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us Cherry, I am so excited! Its like waiting for a baby’s birth – really!

  4. Hmm, I had been feeling a bit queasy in the mornings, Malinda, now I know what it is 😉

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