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Retro-Blog part 9: In Search Of The Enchanted Forest

The Retro-Blog: Looking back at the development of a successful creative project in 2006 and the lessons learned along the way.

Flat BW708/02/06

I am printing out my tree photos and trying to imagine what it is I am going to do with them. I even wonder if the photos are enough in themselves and I shouldn’t be trying to make them into a basis for something else.

I realise that the response the trees evoke in me is not necessarily what others see and to convey that must be my quest. I write,

What I have to do is to learn/find/discover a way to make people see what I see – not just a bare tree on a winter’s morning but a pattern like lace or the interconnections in the human lung…The fascinating complexity of pattern…the individuality of each structure and formation… Read the rest of this entry »


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