Along the Way: Drypoint Series

I’ve always thought I was incapable of being prolific but it looks like I was wrong! I’ve recently had the opportunity to renew my aquaintance with the technique of drypoint printing (which was the only printing process I really warmed to as art student all those years back) at an adult education class in Loja, the town where I live.

My inspired mentor, Luz López suggested using old CD’s as drypoint plates and the circular format really seemed to catch my imagination and I found it hard to know when to stop…

See the complete series here

and some photos of a small exhibition I was invited to take part in locally here.

The theme of the exhibition was circles and as well as the main exhibition – which was of paintings by Luz López –  and my cd drypoint prints, my partner Paul did a demonstration of Tai Chi – the connection being that most of the movements have a circular quality to them. He made a circle of flour on the flour with the design of a Yin Yang and we lit white votive candles around the outside. Above his head was projected a beautiful black and white video that Luz López made with Paul, also of him doing Tai Chi. All this was accompanied by music and champagne:-) Paul lifted his performance of what once was a martial art into the realms of a dance of the spirit and undoubtedly stole the show!

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