New Drawings

Turn AwayI’ve been on a roll of drawings that seem to have come out of nowhere. I posted the first ones on my profile blog at Coach Creative but I’m getting very confused as to where I should be putting everything…When I get my head round all this I’ll get some sort of consistency going!

In the meantime I feel like I am neglecting my Doncella Manca project (7 pieces based on the stages of the story of the Handless Maiden) I have quite a bit ofBad Days prep work done already but I had conceived them as big collages and now I have found myself drifting away from collage…I’d like to try to include some drawings of the sort I’ve been doing lately into this project…but it needs a big rethink!

She wore daisies in her ears What I have realised is that ‘El Engaño’ (last posting) may well be subconciously linked to Doncella Manca as I have the very same words pinned onto my ideas board for the first section. The first part of the story is very much about deception as the doncella’s father is duped by the devil into selling his daughter to him…


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