Go West

Go West

Go West 15cm x 20cm
1/2 hr Journal collage: Collage on paper

I’ve been sadly neglecting my art-making of late due to feeling swamped by house selling and buying duties. I did make this collage while I was waiting for a prospective buyer to come and look at the Melion. All I had to use for material was one National Geographic magazine, a pair of scissors, my faithful Pritt Stick and a blank page from my newly-constructed loose leaf Journal-Sketchbook.

The theme is about us leaving the coastal area we’ve been living in and moving to the area west of Granada. I hoped it might work as a magic spell on the prospective buyer but as yet, its not had quite the effect I wanted…



  1. Arline Schwarz said

    I’m overwhelmed. I’m just learning how to explore art sites and I can’t believe what’s out there or how people get involved in these sites or what blogs are and so much more but I’m grateful to have found yours. I’ve been an artist wannabe for many, many years. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to put some of my work on the internet without the help of someone else (like my husband) and understand just what it is that I’m doing (?posting).

    However, what I wrote for was to tell you that your site is beautiful, inspiring and makes my day seem magical. Thank you for being you and sharing your talent with the rest of us.


  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, Arline. Its so good to feel that someone else gets benefit from what I do 🙂

    I don’t post on this blog any more – although I’m beginning to wish I’d never left WordPress in favour of Google’s Blogger (but that’s another story!) but you can catch me on DialogVisual.com

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