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Old Glory: Uncharted Waters (Journey 2)

I am making a journey down a river I have never seen in real life before although I have read about it and imagined it. Read the rest of this entry »


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Art review sheet again

I’ve been working with the art review sheet I mentioned quite a bit and in the process I’ve felt I needed to modify it. Check out the latest version.

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The Journey

There are times when I am blundering about not having a clue where I am going; Times when I think I know exactly where I’m going and yet find myself up a blind alley and having to back up and retrace my steps; And times when it is a bright sunny day and I seem to just be bowling along effortlessly. Of course the latter is what I always hope for but I know it is only a part of the whole: I’m on a journey.

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Positive appreciation and fearless exploration

Patterned background 1

Patterned ground 1: 18 x 25cm
Oil Pastel on two sides of tracing paper

I decided its time to stop beating myself up about what I don’t know how to do or don’t do well and give myself some positive feedback about what I am doing. Read the rest of this entry »

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Como La Flor Prometida

Fancy Flower

Fancy Flower 15cm x 20cm

Pen and Ink on Journal Page

My garden blog is on my mind a lot at the moment as is evident from this sketch.


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Sketches (Sometimes of Spain)

Liz’s Tree

Liz’s Tree 12cm x 12cm

Pen and Ink on the back of printed paper

I’ve had a love affair with pen and ink drawings ever since I got my first rotring pen at college so as I’m a great one for saying I haven’t done any drawing even when I have, I’ve decided to start a section for the little sketches I do that begin as doodles and become miniature reflections of mood.

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Más Desafíos

Más Desaf�os

Más Desafíos 17 x 19.5cm

Collage a day: pastel and collage on paper

The IChing told me recently to expect to go through a period when nothing I had ever done previously would prepare me for the experience of what was to come. As always, it was correct: Life has certainly been challenging lately…

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