Jewel: 13.5 x 17.5cm
1/2 hr collage a day: pastel and collage on paper

Many, many years ago I had a dream in which I climbed a very steep mountain and once at the top I realised that there were jewels literally under my feet. My interpretation of the dream brought me to the conclusion that these jewels were my own talents and skills which I wasn’t very confident about at the time.

This collage was based on a picture of a scarab beetle in an old National Geographic magazine; the word ‘jewel’ already accompanied it. It was sparked by doing a guided meditation exercise last week at the end of which I had to open a box to reveal what was inside it. What came to mind as I metaphorically opened the box was a ruby-red, tear-drop shaped, faceted glass pendant. I was then told to decide whether to take with me what was in the box or leave it until I came back to this place within myself next time. I decided to take it with me.


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