The First Cut Is the Deepest

Al Cuello

Al Cuello 17 x 19.5cm

1/2 hr collage a day: collage on paper

I once read about a technique somewhere whereby, when you are looking for answers to a problem, you ask your subconscious, just before going to sleep, to give you some ideas in the form of dreams. I’ve found that sometimes doing this gives me really interesting results and sometimes a resounding NADA!

Since I’ve been continuing to ponder on the best way forward as regarding media on my next series (See: Why can’t an oil paint be more like a pastel?) without being completely convinced by any of my own arguments for one procedure rather than another, I decided to give my subconscious a chance to speak via my dreams in this way.

This time I got resounding responses, the first of which came in the form of a dream of a man with a scalpel in his hand. In the dream, I end up embracing this man as a way to divert him from his nasty intentions with the scalpel. Since a scalpel is normally my instrument of choice when I make a collage, I have taken this to be a clear message that collage has to remain an important aspect of the Doncella Manca series and can’t be replaced, as I’d been thinking, by a paint procedure. So – as far as technique/media go, its back to the drawing board and, well, Embrace The Scalpel!


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