Torn Edges

It occurs to me that for my next series of pieces (based on the story of ‘La Doncella Manca’ in Mujeres que corren con los lobos* by Clarissa Pinkola Estes – see Better late than never) I could really exploit the idea of torn edges as a metaphor for layers and divisions. This started to occur in ‘Pintura Es‘ with the line two thirds down which seemed to suggest that all below it was a subconcious realm whereas all above it was the outer world.

The author suggests that one of the interpretations of the cutting off of the girl’s hands in the story, is that she metaphorically then plunges into the ‘subterranean forest’ where dwells the Wild Mother/Self that will feed her future growth and creativity. I can see a torn edge nicely illustrating the dividing line between the subterranean world and the one above, broken only by the “manzano florido” (flowering apple tree) which lives both below and above. Torn edges would be good for the cut off hands as well…(Its all beginning to sound very Kahlo-esque). I also like the sound of torn edges as a dividing line between aspects of self represented by the different characters in the story.


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  1. alicia said

    Me interesa cual es tu aproximacion personal al cuento, si has logrado encontrar una lectura tuya, que avance en la profundidad de los simbolos. Yo tambien estoy trabajando el mismo cuento, en forma de libro, y me han interesado los dobles y las repeticiones. Acabo de descubrir que existe la version medieval del libro, publicada por Ediciones Siruela. Lastima que en mi pais los libros sean un articulo de lujo. Y… muy interesante tu espacio!

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