Why can’t an oil paint be more like a pastel?


Tendencia al Caos 17 x 19.5cm
1/2 hr collage a day: pastel and collage on paper

Wonder why I can’t feel about paint the way I do about pastel…This is what I want my paint to be like – thick, viscous, expressionful, bold…instead it comes out painstaking and controlled. The scale changes everything…

I have been thinking about this a lot over the last few days: i need to experiment with scanning and blowing up images more now that I have discovered that fixing ink-jet prints with acrylic medium stops them from bleeding when paint is applied to them…Of course, the quality isn’t the same but if I want to make collages that are bigger then I need to change the scale or the same thing will happen that happened with Pintura Es…Causa y Efecto: The composition becomes too complicated by a multitude of small elements…

Another possibility, which I have shied away from until now, but perhaps I’m warming to now, is to not try to ‘collage’ the bigger pieces at all but to work out the composition as a small collage and then blow it up and paint it. I’ve always felt this would be just a copying exercise and make me feel quite bored but now that I have experimented with using other textural elements such as the glue gun concept drawing (and I still want to try including scrunched tissue paper etc.) perhaps I won’t need the collage to give the piece the texture I’m looking for. I could still ‘simulate’ torn edges by applying torn paper…In this way I might be able to concentrate more on the unity of a larger composition – blocking in large areas of colour, for example, which I know I need to do.

Its clear that I need to try to move forward in a new way but without losing touch with my original process. Perhaps the whole thing will loosen up this way.


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