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Un buen comienzo en primavera

Spring Forward

Un buen comienzo en primavera 17 x 19.5cm
1/2 hr collage a day: oil pastel and collage on paper

‘El trabajo entero de un año depende en un buen comienzo en primavera’ (The entire year’s work depends on a good start in spring)

The chinese proverb that appears in this collage really appealed to me probably because my birthday is in the spring and I always feel that is then – rather than at New Year – that my year really begins. I read somewhere that your energy is at its peak, six months after your birthday and at its lowest just before your birthday and so its not surprising that I feel ready for a new start about then.


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Paper Rock Roses

Paper flowers

Paper Rock Roses 17 x 19.5cm
1/2 hr collage a day: pastel, tissue paper and collage on paper

Must be the idea of having a garden again soon that made me think of how the Melion looks when all the rock roses are in bloom. Better to love and let go than never to have loved at all…Well that’s my take on it anyway!

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La Verdadera Belleza

Verdadera Belleza 2

La Verdadera Belleza 17 x 19.5cm
1/2 hr collage a day: pastel and collage on paper

It took me a long time this morning to decide on something I wanted for my collage but in the end I found several blue pieces that seemed to suit my tranquil mood.

The text: La verdadera belleza nace de la fusion (Real beauty is born of fusion) seems to indicate a direction for my work.

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With a song in my heart

Song in my heart

With a song in my heart 17 x 19.5cm

1/2 hr collage a day: tissue paper, paint, glue gun and pastel and on plaster-covered paper

Although there are lots of not very pleasant things going on in my life at the moment, when I went into my studio first thing and it was full of spring sunlight, I couldn’t help but hear a song in my heart.

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En el jardín

Bouquet painted

Bouquet of Barbed Wire 24 x 33cm
Stage 3: Acrylic paint over collage, glue gun and painted ground

Well, my barbed wire finally got its bouquet… Read the rest of this entry »

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Time to Party


Party Time 17 x 19.5cm
1/2 hr collage a day: collage on paper

I did a brainstorm on how to proceed with my next series and came to the conclusion that I will collect collage material as usual; scan, enlarge and print elements that seem too small and then assemble everything: Board, glue gun, collage, paint, tissue paper etc. and SEE WHAT HAPPENS. Can’t plan it out as a process before hand. I’ve got to enjoy the process during. That’s what its about (so easy to forget). Its like having a party: You can invite all your friends, prepare the food, buy the drink and get your stack of CD’s ready (or your i-Pod on shuffle) but once people start to arrive the thing takes on its own momentum. So its PARTY TIME for me real soon!

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The First Cut Is the Deepest

Al Cuello

Al Cuello 17 x 19.5cm

1/2 hr collage a day: collage on paper

I once read about a technique somewhere whereby, when you are looking for answers to a problem, you ask your subconscious, just before going to sleep, to give you some ideas in the form of dreams. I’ve found that sometimes doing this gives me really interesting results and sometimes a resounding NADA! Read the rest of this entry »

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