1/2hr collage a day

1/2hr collage a day: Choose your dream

Choose your dream: 17 X 19.5cm
1/2hr collage a day: 1
pastel and collage on paper
Based on painting by Delhy Tejero

I’ve taken the first step into getting back to collaging in my sketchbook after a long lapse…

Inspired by some stuff I read about art journaling on Doña Bumgarner’s site, Eggplant Art Studio

Doña says she baseds her journal on Julia Cameron’s idea of ‘morning pages’ LINK. Julia’s idea is that you spend 1/2 an hour EVERY day writing stream-of-concious style in your journal. Since I already do morning pages (tho’ admittedly not always in the morning), it didn’t seem like such a leap to imagine myself doing 1/2 hour collaging in my sketchbook every day.

I started today, leaping right in before breakfast and I found it a really positive way to begin the day. I was still half- asleep and found that my ‘censors’ hadn’t made it out of bed at all so I was able to enjoy my 1/2 hr in peace without a single critical word being uttered by my tiresome left brain.

Working within such a short time frame requires me to be both fast and decisive – not considered my greatest attributes until now – so I am inevitably going to learn a new way of working which can only be a good thing for an overly-careful tortoise like me.


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