Riding the Dragon’s Back

Dragon’s Back

Dragon’s Back 24 x 33cm
Stage 1: Concept drawing – glue-gun on canvas-board

I’ve been experimenting with some ideas in readiness for my next series and it feels like I am finally getting somewhere with my search for a more organic way of working…

Last week I discovered some small canvas-covered boards in my local art suppliers-come-hardware store (droguería) for just 1,85€ and being a fan of all things that give me more immediacy in my process (i.e. less prep time) I bought a few to try.

I was intending to use the boards to experiment with light coloured paint over dark backgrounds (inspired by some Miro and Kandinsky paintings I saw on the museum trip to Madrid I went on last weekend) and I did get as far as painting dark backgrounds on two of them…Of course I should know by now that I very rarely do what I think I’m going to do when it comes to making art and so it should have come as no surprise when instead of painting I used my glue gun to do ‘concept drawings’ on top of the backgrounds.

I know I’ve mentioned these ‘concept drawings’ in my blog before so above is an example so that you finally get to see what I mean.

After I did these ‘concept drawings’ I got myself into a funk again because I liked my ‘drawings’ and I didn’t want to lose them under a layer of collage…

I eventually persuaded myself to at least browse for some collage material based on what these ‘drawings’ suggested to me and I left them in a pile next to the drawings and went off in a huff again…


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  1. […] I then do what Betty Edwards calls in Drawing on the Artist Within (ISBN-13: 9780671635145, Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group)an “Analog drawing” – or a visual representation of a problem which can later be analysed for possible solutions – which for me have become interchangeable with my ‘concept drawings’ (see previous entries: 10 Years and Riding the Dragon’s Back). […]

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