La Pintura Es…Causa y Efecto

La Pintura Es…Causa y Efecto 2

Causa y Efecto: 30cm x 41.5cm

Water-soluble oil paint over collage on paper

As I said in my last post, I promised myself I would finish all my incompleted projects before beginning a new one and my target date for finishing was my birthday 14th March. Well, I’m ecstatic to say that, despite my third cold of the season, I made it to my target:-) Its going to be a good year, I just know it!

Above you can see the collage-painting I finished at 4pm on the 13th and here is what it looked like before I began to paint it, many moons ago…

Causa y Efecto original collage

The title “Causa y Efecto” relates to the way art can be influenced by other work we have seen. In this case I make a reverential nod to the Spanish cubist Juan Gris and say “Thank You!” to various other artists whose work I have sampled but unfortunately whose names I no longer have to hand.


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  1. […] that are bigger then I need to change the scale or the same thing will happen that happened with ‘Pintura Es…Causa y Efecto’: The composition becomes too complicated by a multitude of small […]

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