Suitcase packed and ready to go

10 años

I started this collage last year in my sketchbook . After 10 years in Spain I was trying to figure out whether to move and if so to where. I was determined to finish this piece before the year was out and I’ve managed it about half an hour before I’m due to go on holiday for Xmas to Italy. I like a nice tight deadline!

10 años before

This was my first attempt at combining what I call my ‘concept drawings’ with my more habitual collage elements and I’d like to do a lot more of it in the future (rollover thumbnail to see how it looked before I ‘worked into’ it). In this case I scanned the drawing and turned it into a negative image on the insights into what is really going on in our subconcious but I also find them invaluable as a warm-up exercise when I’m having trouble getting started in the studio. I like these drawings just for what they are regardless of their inner meaning as they are probably my freest moments of self-expression.

For the non-Spanish speakers amongst you: 10 years…thinking in which direction to make the move…Cities…What do you choose?…Its crucial to think out well your steps, one false move can send you off balance…Dreams.


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